innovative ice rinks  

The Pontebba ice rink operating since 2012 required the design, realization and maintenance of a new geothermic heat pump for cold application in cogeneration.
The produced cold is used for the ice plate cooling. Therefore, the thermal energy recovery is used to heat water for the ice resurfacers, the heating of the gyms, locker rooms and stands.
In the project, is included also the heating of the future swimming pool.
To do that we used a low charge ammonia Recumatik chiller. (<75 kg)
This environmental friendly  solution allows the  Pontebba municipality to save thousand of thousands of euros during the year.
The Feltre ice rink required another type of application. Instead of an old R22 cooling system we installed a new glycol air cooled system.
In this case we used an ammonia Varimatik chiller with a refrigerated power of 660 kW.

The main benefits of the two plants are:

• installed electric power reduction
• total heat recovery
• use of ammonia natural refrigerant
• reduction of absorbed  annual electric energy
• telemetry for maintenance
• the efficiency 30% higher  than freon plants.

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