plastics world applications

Plastic recycling process requires a lot of heat.
Infact, the fusion point of plastic material is 220 °c.
This is not the only problem. Once transformed in film, tubes, bottles or others, plastic materials must be cooled very quickly to get normal consistency.
For this process, water is used that must be refrigerated at 15°C for all production length and during the whole year.
Therefore, it is evident the request of cooling energy.
When we were interviewed first of all we noted a huge energy waste.
Infact, they used chillers that cooled water at 5°C and then heated it at 15°C.
They asked if we were able to to built machines to produce water already at 15°C.
So, we made a tailor made job to meet customer needs and we made a “bespoke suit”.
In fact our machines did not produce water over 0/1 °C.
We have done deep studies and we have created specifically for the customer chillers able to produce water at 15°C.
Beside, these machines have reduces sizes, and using a sensor, it was possible to use cooling energy during summer and external temperature during winter.
Infact, when external temperature is lower than 15°C, the machine thanks to an “artifical intelligence” decides to convey the water outside to save energy.
There are many benefits.
The plant decides by itself if using adiabatic cooling or compression.
The plant is extremely efficient and pay back time is 1 year and a half.