A couple of years ago, Carrefour opened a new structure close to Paris.
It is a big supermarket with 40 cash registers.
For this supermarket, they decided to use the best cooling technologies to preserve foods.
To do this, technical premises find out an economically and energetically advantageus machine.
This machine must be the “greenest” possible and eviromental friendly.
Other necessities are easy maintenance and lower water consumption.
They require reliable machines that do not make problems.
The wish of Carrefour is to use this kind of machine in all ipermarkets.
After a careful research in the industrial refrigeration market in all Europe,  they choose Zudek.
Why? Because we use ammonia, enviromental friendly and we can satisfy their necessities, our machines has a low electric power consumption and a high performance, the maintenance is very low and remote.
Overall, we builted a tailor made machine for their needs.